Indonesian Fruits Drink a.k.a. Es Teler

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Whenever we have potluck with our Indonesian friends, either one of us would  always bring this staple Indonesian fruit drink. It is so easy to make and always loved by both the adults and kids. Indonesian Fruits Drink
Since we couldn't find fresh tropical fruits here, we use canned fruit from Asian supermarket such as Ranch 99 or Lion Supermarket. Sometimes, we can find fresh jack fruit there too so we don't have to use the canned one. You can add other fruits as well like avocado, berries, or apples.
Resep Es Teler
Cut the fruits into bite size pieces Es Teler Recipe
 Indonesian Fruits Drink Dessert
Place them inside a large container Bahan es teler
Add the half & half, milk, and ice cubes as prefer. Enjoy!

Indonesian Fruits Drink

Printable Recipe

1 can Jackfruit (Nangka) – Do not use the syrup, cut into small pieces.
1 can Green Grass Jelly (Cincau Hijau)- Do not use the syrup, rinse, then cut into smaller pieces
1 can Longan - use the syrup
1 can Rambutan or lychee - use the syrup
1 can Palm Seed (Attap) – Do not use the syrup, rinse them with water
1 can Coconut Juice with Meat/ pulp
avocado, apples, berries - cut into small pieces
2 cups half & half
4 cups milk
Ice cubes

Place all of the above ingredients inside a large drink container.
Mix them with spatula.
Taste and add milk, half & half, or ice as prefer.

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