How to cook "krupuk" {Indonesian Cracker} in microwave

Sunday, April 19, 2015

How to cook krupuk in microwave

A few weeks ago, a friend of ours gave us this Indonesian Crackers, different brands can be found in most Asian Market. Growing up, both Chris and I ate this cracker and like it so much. We still like it a lot but we don't like the fact that we had to deep fry it first.

Masak krupuk di microwave

I am not a fan of deep frying because for me it takes a lot of work. You see....
Deep frying = using a lot of oil + cooking outside otherwise the house will smell fried oil  + must take shower afterward { California is on drought season at this moment so I am joining the effort to save as much water as possible ;)}

On the past, we tried cooking them in the microwave but the result just wasn't the same. Some part is cooked and some part is not. Thankfully, my husband didn't give up. He figured out a way to cook it in the microwave but still yield the same result as deep frying them.
How to cook krupuk

The secret: brushing it with a wee little bit of oil on both sides before putting them in the microwave {you can use your finger tip too instead of brush}. Any vegetables oil or butter should work, we use olive oil.
Cooking indonesian cracker in microwave

Microwave for 45 to 55 seconds {each microwave is set on different power so do some trials to determine the best timing}

about 50 seconds later Ta Da:
How to cook krupuk with microwave


  1. Thank you!! I love krupuk but I live in an old-folks home and can't cook. I do have a microwave, though.