Q: Do you eat rice everyday? 
A: Yup. The longest time I didn't eat rice was a month when I did a month study abroad in Italy. I stayed in the dorm and guess what? They served pasta, pasta, and pasta every.single.day.

Q: Do you only eat Asian food? 
A: Nope. We eat everything. I am having a hard time thinking of food that I couldn't eat. O... I found one: stinky tofu. I know some of you would think, "What? How come you don't eat that?"

Q: Do you cook every day? 
A: Almost. We usually eat out once a week.

Q: Do you eat durian? 
A: Yup. It's one of my favorite fruits. Even both of my boys love it. :)

Q: Is Asian food healthy? 
A: I didn't think it was, after all, we eat rice every day. Then, I had my first kid and the pediatrician asked what kind of food do we feed him? I answered, the same kind of food we are eating: Asian Food. She then replied, "Great because Asian food is healthy as long as you don't do much frying." 
I was taken back by her answer because I didn't expect it. I just realized that what she said was true at least for me. Growing up I never have problem with weight until I went to U.S for college. I was working at the cafeteria, eating and drinking American food regularly (burger, fries, soda, ice cream, pie, pizza) and weighted 20 pounds more than I am now. 
Once I graduated and back to cooking and eating Asian foods I ate growing up my weight starting to decline and remain steady ever since even after giving birth to two kids. 

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