What I buy at Costco

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Who doesn't love Costco? We have to pay yearly membership to shop there but it's definitely worth it for us considering how much we save by buying there. Besides food, we also buy: gas, batteries, tires, laundry detergents, pajamas, undies, insurance, organic soil and other things we need because Costco usually offers good quality products at the lowest price.

My Grocery Shopping List at Costco:

Produce: I usually buy my organic produce at Farmer Market or Trader Joe's because Costco's portion is too big for our family. The food often spoiled before we got chance to finish them. Plus, Farmer Market usually got better quality.  However, when they have organic berries and mandarin orange; I usually buy them because we like to have the oranges as snack and we can use berries for many different things.

Meats: organic chicken, beef: short ribs, and bacon

Seafood: salmon, shrimp, and cod (sometimes)
Butter and eggs

Ham and cheese

Pineapple Sausage

Himalayan Salt and Black Pepper
Coconut Oil {not picture}, Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar {for bruschetta}, Raw Honey, White Vinegar - for cooking & DIY non toxic all purpose cleaner

Oats {for breakfast, muffin, cookies}, organic sugar

Baking supplies: all purpose flour, vanilla extract, vanilla beans {seasonal}

Yeast {place some in a small container and freeze the rest}and organic raisin, sliced almond {to make biscotti}, chocolate chips

Coffee {for my cold brew coffee}, nuts for snacking

What do you buy at Costco?

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