Food Photography: Before and After

Monday, May 25, 2015

 Food Photography before and after
I started taking pictures of my food a few years back for my own reference. I learned and am still learning about food photography. Recently, I updated a few of  the old pictures to make it more appetizing and sharing the lessons I learned along the way.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Before: July 2011


Lesson learned: natural light is way better than artificial light

Spaghetti Meatballs

Before: January 2010


Lesson learned: take picture of the food before eating it

Wonchester Sauce Chicken

Before: February 2011


Lesson learned: try different angles and use white plate instead of a pattern or colorful one

Perfect Soft Boiled Egg 

Before: May 2013
This was the first time I tried the recipe. The kids and I were so excited to find out if it is a success. Wes was literately screaming asking me to hand over the egg that I was currently holding:

Lesson learned: feed the hungry children first then take time to set the stage

Stir Fried Tempeh

Before: July 2012
Food Photography

Lesson learned: Light thing up! I also add other components in this case rice and chili to communicate better story about the dish

Chocolate Ice Cream

Before: July 2012

After: October 2014

Lesson learned: Learn to use the manual mode in your DSLR camera. I found the Pioneer Woman Photography series to be very helpful then take lots and lots of pictures.

My favorite Food Photography Book: 
Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography & Styling

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