What motivate me to cook

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Growing up in Indonesia, kids were not encourage to enter the kitchen. The only time I remember doing so was to cook  instant noodle in the middle of the night with my younger brother, who usually happen to be hungry as well. Either one of us would cook while the other watch in case there was rat or cockroach {very common residents of the kitchen over there} happened to roam around.

I started cooking when I move to the States for college out of necessity. Mostly because I miss the food I used to eat back home and to save money. Then, I married Chris, who enjoy cooking and love to eat good foods.

{pardon the big belly, I was 8 months pregnant then}

I remember praying for God to give me the joy of cooking for my family. And He answered my prayers through so many different ways:
  1. Through Ci Lily, a mom of two kids (then - now she has three) who showed me cooking is easy and doesn't have to take a lot of time. Everyday, she cooks three meals easily in less than an hour. {did I mention that she has three young kids?
  2.  Through the wonderful woman behind of resepnugraha.net. I wrote her an e-mail one day to express my gratitude and let her know how much her online recipes has blessed our family
  3. Through Clean As You Go: Managing the Meal-Prep Mess' article. Reading the article has made cleaning  after cooking a breeze.
  4.  Through my husband and kids' encouraging responses when they eat mommy's home cooking.
  5. Seeing how much money and time we save if we eat at home versus eating at the restaurant. 

6. Lastly, {I wish I know this sooner} good kitchen tools really makes cooking and baking easier and more enjoyable. For instance, a good pot can cut cooking time in half; sharp knifes makes cutting smoother, digital scales makes measuring easier and faster, and so on. Below are some of our favorites kitchen tools:

Now, I can't say that I love to cook or bake but it does give me special JOY to be able to make something that my family and friends enjoy and appreciate. 

How about you? What motivate you to cook or bake?

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