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Indonesian Chocolate Pudding Recipe

 Indonesian Chocolate Pudding

It has been a long time since I made this. In fact, the last time I made this was in 2010, before Wesley even born. I use some old picture on this post and got a warm feeling looking at how small Max was.

We heard the sad news that our friend who is suffering from dementia came to the point when she has trouble swallowing food or water down her throat. Fonda told me that pudding or jelly maybe a good food to give her because it is easy to swallow and contain liquid so I am making this for her and for my boys too. :)

This Indonesian pudding texture similar to the American jelly version but firmer and less sweet. The jelly powder can be found in Ranch 99 or other Asian Supermarkets.

The Process:
 Resep agar2 coklat

The Sous Chef:

The Result:

Chocolate Pudding
Printable Recipe
2 packages instant pudding or Nutrijel (I like to use one "Wallet" brand & one "Nutrijel" brand)
25 gr chocolate powder
120 grams sugar
1400 ml milk
4 egg yolks - beat

In a medium size sauce pan, heat 400 ml milk until it boils then pour into a bowl,
Add the chocolate powder and egg yolks into the bowl, stir until well mixed.
Pour the egg yolks and milk mixture back to the pan, add the rest of the milk (1000 ml), the instant puddings, and sugar into the pan and cook until it boils, keep stirring.
Place a strainer on top of a jelly mold then pour the liquid into it.
Let it cool until it reaches room temperature. Refrigerate overnight.
Optional: Pour the Vla {recipe below} on the top before consuming. Enjoy!

Vla {optional}:
1 ounce corn starch
500 ml milk
3 ounces sugar
2 egg yolks
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
3 Tablespoons rum

In a small bowl, mix corn starch with 50 ml milk.
In another small bowl, mix egg yolks with 50 ml milk
In a sauce pan, heat the rest of the milk: 600 ml and sugar, keep stirring until it boils. Lower the heat.
Add corn starch mix and vanilla extract to the pan, keep stirring. Take the pan off the heat.
Pour the egg yolk mix little by little while continue stirring.
Put the pan back on top of little heat, keep stirring until well-cooked.
Take the pan off the heat and cool it down. Add the rum, mix well.
Let it cool until it reaches room temperature. Refrigerate overnight.


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