How to clean stainless steel pots and pans

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Upon hearing how unsafe teflon coated cookware, we slowly replaced ours with Stainless Steel. Most of the time it works well {we even cook omelett with it} but once in a while like when I cook fish it will left me with this mess.

Let's clean it up. First thing, fill the pot/ pan with water up to cover the burned food. Heat the water to boil. then turn it off

Add a few teaspoons of vinegar. Let it be for about 30 minutes:

Add a drop of dish soap and use this kind of sponge to scrape away the burned food.

Wash as usual. Ta Da!

How to clean stainless steel pots and pans:
1. Wash away as much of the food as possible
2. Fill the burned pan with water up to the level covering the burn spots.
3. Bring the water to boil for about 10 minutes, turn off the heat,
4. Add a few teaspoon of vinegar and leave the water to cool for 30 minutes.
5. Add a few drop of dish soap and scrape away the burned food with this sponge.
6. Rinse well.

A friend of mine shared this video when I was in college. It has saved me at least two times so I thought I share it here too: What to do when your pot/ pan is burning: