What to do with a box of strawberries

Saturday, June 6, 2015

What to do with a box of strawberries Whenever I get to go to Farmer Market, I usually get a box of strawberries because it's cheaper when I bought them in large quantities. I often got asked, "What would you do with so many strawberries?" So I thought I wrote this post to answer the question.

Right after I got home, I usually hulled those strawberries, then asked my 6 years old to cut them into half.
Afterward, I would do the rinsing-strawberries-with-vinegar-trick to make berries last longer.
Rinsing strawberries with vinegar trick
I would then freeze some for snack or for future used but in order for them not to stuck together in the Ziploc, I (or my lovely assistant here) would have to arrange them in a baking pan then freeze them overnight then move them into a Ziploc bag the day after.
How to freeze strawberries
It's a good finger pinching, counting and self-control exercise for preschooler
 Freezing strawberries
although sometimes the temptation is too great, he would eat some and make this face when I ask, "Hey, did you just eat some of them?"
 What to do with a bunch of strawberries
What I make with a box of strawberries:
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