Cooking Omelette with Stainless Steel Pan

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

After so many years cooking omelettes, I just recently discovered how to cook omelette without it get stuck to the pan. The secret is: by heating the pan first. That's it then do the rest of the cooking as you usually do.

First, Heat the pan
 How to cook omelette with stainless steel pan

after the pan is hot, add the oil {or butter}
 how to cook egg with stainless steel pan

meanwhile beat the eggs

when the oil is hot, add the beaten eggs to the pan {I use this one}
 Cooking egg with stainless steel pan

Here is my sous chef number one working hard while I took pictures:
 Cooking with kids

and sous chef number two supervising:
 Kids Cooking Omelette

Flip it and see it doesn't stick:

Hope it works for you too.